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The Night Before Your Boudoir Shoot | MN Boudoir

It’s the night before your big boudoir session. You’re already excited to see the pictures and can’t wait for the hair and makeup to begin, but you’re kinda nervous with a few questions. That’s totally normal, and we have a few ways to help make sure you’re 100% prepared.

Grab your favorite pen and notebook and let’s get your ducks in a row, girl.

Take Your Outfits for A Test Run

This one is so important! Try on any items you plan on bringing with to your boudoir shoot and pack them into your bag, because nothing is more disappointing than bringing the wrong item or completely forgetting your favorite piece on the nightstand at home! Don’t be afraid to bring a bunch from home – more is better in my opinion! We’ll work together to narrow it down to your favorite 3 pieces. If you’re just not feeling your picks from home, you have an entire wardrobe at the studio at your fingertips! We’ll make sure you’re feeling yourself before any pictures are taken. If you need some inspiration, take a look at the styling guide again to get un-stuck!

Catch those ZZZZ’s

Drinks with the girls or a late concert might not be the best idea the night before your boudoir session. I always encourage clients to use this night as a self care opportunity, instead! Use that bath bomb you’ve had collecting dust in the closet, wash your hair, moisturize, grab the chunkiest blanket you have and sink into the couch with a good book or some Netflix.

The girls night or concert I mentioned? A girls night is PERFECT for after your session. You’ll be dolled up, feeling good and want to show it off!


I’m often asked about nails. To get them done or not? Well, the answer is: It’s your preference. Although I love nails, personally, I never get them done. It isn’t something I enjoy or have time to keep up with, so I rock my natural nails that luckily grow long on their own. If you love having your nails done, perfect! All I ask is that your nails are not distracting (tons of intricate designs, numerous bright colors, etc.) Black or nudes are ideal for adding to your look instead of taking attention away from you. The most important thing here is…No Rigid Ass Nails. No chips, bite marks, or dirty nails. The last thing you want is every part of you looking like an actual goddess but you only notice your fingernail & toenail chips.

Calm Your Nerves

I always advise clients to use a form of relaxation if the nerves are big. Give yourself affirmations, meditate, whatever you need to do. Let the excitement set in, everything is going to be incredible!

Looking to still book your session?

You are in the right place, babe. Contact me and let’s get you booked in for your Minnesota Boudoir Session.

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