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We understand that this experience is an investment, arguably one of the best and most transformative ways to honor yourself is by booking your boudoir experience. 

We don't want money to be what holds you back from experiencing fully loving and embracing yourself + creating artwork you will love forever.

We have multiple financing options for you to use before and after your session to get everything you want!

prepayment .jpg

Pre-payment plans mean you get more for your dollar AND you don't have to worry about paying after your session. We love a stress free experience!


So, here's how it works:


You pick out the collection that feels right for you! We will set up a bi-weekly or monthly payment plan leading up to your shoot so you are paid in full by your session day and have nothing to worry about!


· Payment plans range from 3 months to 12 months

· Payment plans are INTEREST FREE!

· Down payment minimum of $150

·  Product is ordered and received after the payment plan terms are completed

We require a $1500 minimum investment, which can be split up prior to your session.

post payment.jpg

While we don’t offer any in house post payment plan options, we do offer multiple financing options with some our trusted partners. This allows you to get everything you’ve dreamed about from your boudoir session and still make payments after your experience has ended.  Check your eligibility with our financing partners below so we know what options are available to you.


We’re happy to find a way to make this work for you, so let’s chat about your options if you have questions.

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