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Ever since I can remember, I have had a passion for helping others. As a young girl surrounded by many strong women, I was always taught to empower people. I did my very best everyday to build others up whether it was hyping how amazing they looked in their outfit or celebrating an accomplishment they were proud of. Hi, I'm Tristynna, Women's Intimate Boudoir Photographer in Minneapolis, Minnesota and owner of Tristynna Nygren Boudoir. 

I'm here to build confidence and empower incredible women.  I believe in embracing the wrinkles we've earned from years of laughing with our loved ones, the little jiggle from a genuine belly laugh, the marks on our bellies from carrying life and everything else we've come to label as a "flaw." 

I specialize in this, which means I only do Boudoir everyday. I love it so much, I put my heart and soul into every session, and I can show you how to arch that back honey! No need to come in worrying about outfits or posing, because I got you every step of the way.

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Making women feel sexy and confident has fulfilled my life in the most incredible way, and I whole heartedly believe boudoir is for every woman out there. Mommas, women over 60, my plus size babes, curvy gals, survivors, all of you. Boudoir is a luxury experience and a gift for you in more than one way. And let's be honest, you deserve it .

I strive to create a truly customized experience resulting in heirloom images that are meant to be shown off. Whether that's in a private album or up on your bedroom wall, you can look back on these for years to come and relive that moment in time over and over again. Renewed confidence and strength is an incredible feeling.


I can't wait to help tell your story.

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