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Michelle's Boudoir Experience | MN Boudoir

Today I've asked my former client, Michelle, to write about her boudoir experience with us. She was beyond happy to do so! Here's her story, written by Michelle herself.

First, I have to say Tristynna is the best! I'm not a spring chicken- 44 years old. I am also a nurse- not a glamorous profession and definitely not a sexy one. I've always had body image issues. I've fad dieted my whole life. I was the fat kid with glasses that was made fun of all the time in the 80's. It has been a long struggle to find myself and find some type of peace with my body. When I had my daughter I vowed to do everything I can to not put my own body issues onto her and to not fad diet again. That honestly gave me some form of peace, to give myself permission to live life with enjoyment and moderation to the best of my ability.

When my hubby and I were planning our wedding I heard a lot about boudoir sessions. I thought they were for 20 something ladies who were in great shape and never had a baby. As I explored it more, I realized that even someone like me could do a boudoir session. I have been fortunate to have a support system that allows me to find myself, to be myself, and to be the most comfortable with myself than I ever have in my life. I am still not super confident, and have many insecurities still, but somehow Tristynna's testimonials spoke to me. I researched her reviews and really dug in to my brain to see if I felt like I could do this. Would I really want to? How would I feel afterwards? Is showing my body dirty? Would I look like a fat cow and it would be just another embarrassing picture of me?

While raising my daughter, I have had my eyes opened to society's views on the female body that I blindly ignored or simply accepted in the past. For example, it should be covered at all times, it is a dirty thing that should only be shown when a man wants to see it in a sexual way, and of course, it should be perfect looking. In reality, a woman's body is perfectly imperfect. It is strong, beautiful, capable of creating another human being, and nourishing that human being. It can be sexy and seductive, but it is also a vessel for creativity, intelligence, and strength. Every line indicates a journey that we have been on, every wrinkle indicates another good laugh session with a close friend or worry about a sick family member. We should be proud of every stretch mark that shows we made it through the crazy growth spurts of puberty and got us to where we are now in our life. So, after much soul searching, I decided that I am beautiful the way I am and I want some type of experience to help bring that out in myself. I contacted Tristynna for a session.

When I contacted Tristynna I was so nervous. Her communications with me put me at ease. I could tell I wasn't going to be a quick buck to be made and that she really cared about me getting the best experience possible. When I met her in person it was like meeting an old friend. The hair and makeup gal was so fun and really knew how to bring out the life in this face that usually doesn't wear makeup!

Just when I thought I was super confident and ready to take on the world, I got huge jitters. Tristynna was so understanding and compassionate. She took her time with me and was so supportive, encouraging me every step. With the first few poses I could feel myself becoming that comfortable, confident woman again. We laughed, chatted, listened to music, and I felt gorgeous! The outfits were beautiful. She had such an eye for what outfits would work, what poses to do, the lighting, and the mood. This was something for me, to show off my power, my beauty, my strength as a woman, and it felt amazing! It was such a rush walking out of the studio, knowing that I had done it!

Due to an unforeseen family situation my ability to meet to see my proofs was delayed. Tristynna was incredibly supportive during this process and I am so incredibly grateful to her for that. She didn't rush me or pressure me at any time. When we did meet she was kind, supportive, and just such an incredible human being, and I am so grateful for her. And then....she showed me the pictures and I couldn't believe it was me! They were amazing!

Beautiful, elegant, sexy, powerful, everything I wanted them to be! I loved her honestly and help in picking out the pictures I chose for my hubby's anniversary album. He couldn't believe it when he saw them- he was so impressed with the pictures and so happy with the vibe they gave off. I will admit some of that old insecurity came over me before deciding to tell my friends I had done this. Would they think the pictures are dirty? That I shouldn't be showing off my body this way? I am so proud of these pictures and what they stand for. I am a strong, beautiful woman and these boudoir pictures are a beautiful example of that. So thank you again to Tristynna for her guidance, kindness, and encouragement through what was a very transformative experience!

Michelle Smith

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