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5 Facts About a Tristynna Nygren Boudoir Session

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Hey babe,

We want you to know everything about the experience we offer before you step foot into the studio. Being open and as transparent as possible is important to us! We’ll chat before your session, you’ll come in at 10am and go through your personally selected wardrobe (we choose pieces based on the questionnaire you fill out!). Once we’ve found the best pieces for you, you’ll head into hair and makeup. We’ll chat, vent, laugh, and when you’re all finished we’ll jump right into your shoot! Tristynna walks you through every step. She’ll help you with facial expressions and posing from head to toe right alongside of you. When you’re back in your regular getup, you'll get to see and touch all of the products. You’re basically a celebrity now, you unstoppable goddess you. Now, let’s break this down a bit with our 5 Facts About a Boudoir Session with TNB!

1. Tristynna poses you head to toe

We’re everyday women, just like you. Modeling isn’t something most of us are familiar with, so we don’t expect you to be a professional poser. Tristynna does this everyday, and she knows what looks best for all body types. When you come in for your session, she’ll be posing you and moving things around so you’ll look like you do this everyday, too! Be sure to stretch and get that water girl! Leave the rest to us.

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2. You better workkk

Speaking of stretching, this is a serious workout. Even if you’re a gym rat, you’ll probably be sore the next day. We take water breaks and pause to stretch, because you’re moving and positioning your body in ways it isn’t used to. Now, being sore and being in pain are two very different things. If you are ever in pain, PLEASE let us know! You should never be in pain! We understand everyone has different tolerances and limitations, so Tristynna will adjust to your needs!

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3. Wardrobe

We always encourage our clients to bring in any pieces and accessories they love from home. It’s fun to have something special in your photos! Tristynna will always be there to style you. When you fill out the questionnaire, that allows us to get to know your style, size, and what you want from the session. We’re a minimalistic studio, meaning we don’t worry about the loads of layers and jewelry or heels because we’re focused on YOU. Props are fun, but this is about capturing your beauty and uniqueness. Tristynna styles you in a way that doesn’t draw the attention away from you!

water boudoir session

4. Time Out

If you ever need a break for any reason – bathroom, snack, water, stretching, anything.- don’t be afraid to voice it! We’re not going to get annoyed or inconvenienced. We’re there for you, so LET US KNOW!

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5. This is a huge part of your personal self love revolution

From Tristynna: Boudoir is a tough experience for me to describe, being able to give it the respect it deserves, but I’m going to try my best! Let me start by saying you are stunning, and not only your physical being, but your inner self. Maybe we have yet to meet, but I know you’re incredible, because every single woman out there is uniquely beautiful in her own way for so many reasons. The boudoir experience is more than a photoshoot or a couple of pictures to be thrown in a drawer, collecting dust. This is a part of your history, your past present and future, begging to be embraced, accepted and grown from. I truly believe every woman gains and loses different things from the experience. Some women gain confidence, power, courage, the ability to finally feel worthy while others lose the worthless feeling an ex instilled in them, the failure they’ve felt, or the powerlessness gained along a tough road. This is healing in its purest form. Your body has carried you through it all, and here you are. You made it. You’re a fighter, an overcomer and a survivor coming out on top. You’re a fucking beauty in every single way possible, and it’s about time you see yourself that way. If you make the courageous leap to schedule your session, I am beyond honored to be a part of your journey.

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