Tristynna Nygren Boudoir is a full service boudoir photography studio in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota serving all women. Our boudoir studio in the NE Arts District of Minneapolis, Minnesota is a safe place with no judgement, only empowerment and everyday women rediscovering their power and beauty. This empowering experience is completely customized to you and your vision. We plan outfits for your session together, we discuss all the details of what your dream boudoir session looks like, we pamper you with professional hair and makeup, Tristynna poses you so you'll never be left in the dark, and you'll receive an entire lingerie guide as well as a helpful packing list. Our incredible boudoir hair and makeup artists can nail any look you desire from the natural I woke up like this to an intense smoky glam look.

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Boudoir photography is about showing off who you are right here in this moment, because we believe she is someone you should be proud of. The day of your boudoir experience is one we're positive you'll want to look back on for years and years to come. This is why we offer not only a customized experience, but customized tangible heirloom products. Our boudoir albums, keepsake boxes and metal wall art are handcrafted and meant to last a lifetime.


We do this to inspire everyday women to believe in their worth. We do this to eliminate the idea that not having the perfect body means you deserve less, to help mothers recognize their beauty and strength only amplified after having children, to join in the celebration of the female entrepreneur’s success and to make every single woman feel valued.

You are our WHY.

We would be honored to join your journey, no matter where you’re at in life. Because we believe if all women feel empowered, confident and unstoppable, together we can change the world.